Laszlo Puczko

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder - HTWWLife


László has worked in the fields of travel, hospitality, leisure and health for over 25 years. László is an experience curator, strategist, mentor and trainer, as well as an expert in wellbeing intelligence. He has gained experience in both the private and public sectors. László is one of the very few people in the world who has worked in every aspect and sector of the health, wellness and travel spectrum, i.e. medical tourism and wellness, wellness and hospitality, spas and leisure experiences.
He is an economist and manager of art and design, holds a master's degree, a PhD and is a certified management consultant. László has delivered customised lectures and masterclasses in over 40 countries worldwide. He has been actively involved in both industry and academia and is the author of numerous industry reports, specialist books and publications. He was the project leader for the UNWTO and ETC development report entitled Exploring Health Tourism, as well as a pioneering study for the Global Spa Summit entitled Wellness Tourism and Medical Tourism: Where do Spas fit in?
László is passionate about hot springs and wellness and has a diploma in forest bathing!
He is a faculty member of the Medical Wellness Association and a member of the FEMTEC Tourism and Health Commission, a member of the IGCAT Global Expert Network and a research associate at the Wellness Tourism Association.