George Gaitanos

Chief Operating and Scientific Officer - Chenot Group


As Chief Operating and Scientific Officer of the Chenot Group, George's role is critical to the brand's continued development in the health wellness sector. He joined the group in 2013. An expert in energy metabolism and recovery, George has extensive experience in the field of elite sports performance (NBA and Olympic athletes) and over 35 years of experience in promoting optimal health.

Thanks to medical and technological advances, people are living longer than ever before. George is convinced that old age does not have to mean functional decline. Through the development of award-winning programmes offered at Chenot's health and wellness retreats around the world, George helps people achieve and maintain optimal health and lead fully active and fulfilling lives at any age.

George holds a master's degree and a PhD from Loughborough University (UK) and has done significant postdoctoral research at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. His research work has been published in numerous medical journals. Academically, he is a certified exercise physiologist, clinical physiotherapist and acupuncturist. George is a board member and chairman of the certification committee of the European Society for Preventive, Regenerative and Anti-Ageing Medicine.